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CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125, CGC 150, CGD 200. CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350, C12BA, C22BA, C32BA, C42BB, C42BB, C52BB, C62BB, CAC200, CAC250, CAC300, CAD350, CAD400, CAD450, CAD500


PAK 20-2N, PAK 25-2N, PAK 32-2K, PAK 32-2N, PAK 32-2D30, PAK 38-2N, PAS 45-2K, PAS 45-2N, PAS 52-2K, PAS 52-2N, PAS 60-2K, PAS 60-2N, VPA-20-3N, VPA-25-3N, VPA-32-3N, PAHVGOK 70-2N, PAHVK 110-2N, PASVOK, PASK, PAHVK, PVPKU, ZOL-3, ZOL-5, ZOL-8, ZOL-12, ZOL-20, ZOL-32, ZOL-50, ZOL-80, ZOL-125, ZOLSG, PZG

We can offer large scope of new or replacement pumps and spare parts for tham. Either they are screw, gear, piston, rotary or centrifugal type. We can offer: end suction, vertical inline, multistage, split case, axial propeller, for fresh or sea water, oil, sewage water, or ballast and cargo handling pumps. We can cover: HAMWORTHY, GARBARINO, SPERRE, THUNE EUREKA, DESMI, KRAL, BOMBAS AZCUE, KSB, IRON, NANIWA, EBARA, IMO, LEISTRIZT, ALLWEILER, BORNEMANN, and more.

We have large stocks of spare parts for all common types of:

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