JUGOTURBINA MAN/ Turbochargers

NA NR/NS TCR, TCA, PDH NR12/R, NR15/R, NR17/R, NR20/R, NR24/R, NR26/R, NR29/R, NR34/R, NA29/T, NA40/T, NA48/T, NA57/T, NA70/T, NA29/S, NA40/S, NA48/S, NA57/S, NA79/S, TCR12, TCR14, TCR16, TCR18, TCR20, TCR22, TCA33, TCA44, TCA55, TCA66, TCA77, TCA88, PDH25, PDH35, PDH50, PDH70, PTR150, PTR180.

We sell new original turbochargers as well as spare parts. We can offer large scoope like NAPIER, KBB, ABB, KKK, MAN and other. We keep an overwhelming majority of new turbochargers as well as spare parts in stock.

We have large stocks of spare parts for all common types of:

To make an enquiry please send your e-mail to info@jugoturbina.com